Strangers on a Train + North by Northwest

About the film

Release Date: Feb 1, 2021
Rating: M
Runtime: 237 mins
Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Double the Hitchcock classics for only $15 with two masterpieces from the Master of Suspense on February 1!

Strangers on a Train (1951)
 Alfred Hitchcock directs an intensely enjoyable cinema masterpiece of the silver screen, starring Farley Granger, Robert Walker, and Ruth Roman. A psychotic socialite attempts to force a professional tennis star to prove a theory that two complete strangers can get away with murderRated PG

North by Northwest (1959)
 Cary Grant stars in this iconic Hitchcock classic about a hapless New York advertising executive is mistaken for a government agent by a group of foreign spies, and is pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive. Rated M

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