The Combination Redemption

MA15 103 mins

About the film

Release Date: Feb 7, 2019
Director: David Field
Actors: Abbey Aziz, George Basha, Johnny Nasser, Tony Ryan
A decade after the Australian film The Combination, inspired by the Cronulla riots, was released comes the highly-anticipated sequel, The Combination Redemption. It’s a provocative and ground-breaking Australian Film, directed by Aussie Legend David Field and staring George Basha. The first film was ground-breaking in its realistic portrayal and authenticity, amongst the wide-ranging communities represented in the film. It was a new kind of Australia production, and the sequel not only continues to embrace this audience, it takes the story in a broad and bold new direction.

Set in western Sydney, the film explores racial divides, prejudice and intolerance in different communities across the country. John Morkos (George Basha) is haunted by the events that led to the death of his brother. As John begins to rebuild his life, he finds solace in the boxing ring at his local gymnasium. Meanwhile, tensions are building on the streets of western Sydney, as a ruthless new crime boss Nas (Johnny Nasser) seeks to expand his empire, and the formation of a radical group of white supremacists threatens to shatter the social fabric of the local community. When the gym becomes a focal point of these gathering forces, and the threat to the community begins to escalate.

Look out for Greek Aussie boxing champ, George Kambosos, who makes his movie debut with a cameo appearance.

The movie also explores falling in love across the religious divide. Abbey Aziz plays Amira, a Lebanese-Australian Muslim girl who falls for Morkos, a Christian. They are two people who love their culture, love their faith and family, but also don't want to be limited by it.

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