The Guilty

M 88 mins

About the film

Release Date: Apr 4, 2019
Director: Gustav Möller
Actors: Jakob Cedergren
Filmmaker Gustav Möller stuns us with his first feature — the Danish film The Guilty.

The action of the film unfolds entirely inside an emergency call center to which hard-ass police officer Asger Holm (Cedergren) answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman, Iben (Jessica Dinnage) calls him claiming to have been kidnapped by her husband (Johan Olsen). When the call is suddenly disconnected, the search for the woman and her kidnapper begins. Rather than allowing this to play out through the proper channels, Asger takes it upon himself to singlehandedly save this woman and her daughter (Katinka Evers-Jahnsen)—who’s been left home alone—completely over the telephone. Asger enters a race against time to save the endangered woman. But soon he realizes that he is dealing with a crime that is far bigger than he first thought.

Jakob Cedergren’s performance is the reason why this film is so compelling. The Guilty presents us with a series of twists and turns, but its ending will completely blow your mind. Let the end credits before you let out a relieved sigh. This is a unique movie going experience.

Festival award-winner: Sundance Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam, Seattle International Film Festival and Montclair Film Festival

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