The Hustle

M 94 mins

About the film

Director: Chris Addison
Actors: Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson
Lonnie (Rebel Wilson, ISN’T IT ROMANTIC) is a small-time con artist with big-time ambitions. So when she meets a con woman of an entirely different class (Anne Hathaway, OCEAN’S EIGHT), she sees who she wants to become. As she’s trained in the art of manipulating men – using their assumptions about women as weapons against them – the pair set their sights on their biggest catch yet.

Their mark? A tech billionaire. Their methods? Whatever means necessary.

VEEP director Tim Addison updates the Steve Martin/Michael Caine classic DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS with this smart, sly comedy. Hathaway and Wilson give hilarious performances in a movie that pits high-class against low-rent, and honesty against slightly-less-than-honesty. With their wits, their skill, and their newfound partnership, they’ll take down the men who’ve wronged them and walk away with the spoils.

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