The Painter and the Thief

About the film

Release Date: Mar 25, 2021
Rating: M
Runtime: 107 mins
Director: Benjamin Ree
Actors: Karl -Bertil, Barbora Kysilkova
2021 Oscar shortlisted Documentary about an unlikely bond between a criminal and his victim as the canvas for a compelling portrait of compassion and forgiveness.

When two paintings are stolen from Oslo-based artist Barbora Kysilkova, the police catch the thieves within a few days. But the paintings are never found. Barbora attends the court case hoping to find clues for where they can be but finds herself compelled to walk over to one of the criminals to ask another question: “I wonder if I could paint you?” Thief Karl-Bertil answers without hesitation: “That would be possible.”
Thus begins the relationship between an artist and her unlikely muse—which soon evolves into an even more unlikely friendship. Barbora eventually becomes Karl-Bertil’s closest ally when he is severely hurt in a car crash and needs full time care. Filmed over three years, the documentary follows a remarkable story of human connection that takes turns that one could never have imagined.

[Norwegian, English with English subtitles]

2021 Oscar shortlisted Best Documentary
Winner World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award Sundance Film Festival
Winner Audience Award London Film Festival

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