Toy Story 4

G 100 mins

About the film

Release Date: Jun 20, 2019
Director: Josh Cooley
Actors: Tom Hanks, Christina Hendricks, Jordan Peele, Keanu Reeves, Patricia Arquette, Tim Allen
When TOY STORY came out in 1995, it changed cinema forever. Not only was it the first feature-length computer animated film, it also introduced Pixar as one of the most extraordinary teams of storytellers in the business, with iconic characters, gripping stories, and an abundance of heart. And now the story that started it all carries on.

In TOY STORY 4, Woody (Tom Hanks, THE POST) and Buzz (Tim Allen, WILD HOGS) have a new owner, Bonnie (Madeleine McGraw, ANT-MAN AND THE WASP), to whom they show the same devotion they did with Andy. But when Bonnie’s favorite new toy, Forky (Tony Hale, VEEP), goes missing, they’re thrust onto a mission to bring him back.

Featuring the beloved characters you remember, as well as new characters you’ll fall in love with (voiced by the likes of Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, Jordan Peele, and Keegan-Michael Key), TOY STORY 4 carries one of the most successful, most cherished, most heartwarming series of all time into brand new territory.

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