Two Is a Family

About the film

Release Date: Jun 28, 2018
Rating: M
Runtime: 118 mins
Director: Hugo Gelin
Actors: Omar Sy
Two is a Family (Demain Tout Commence) starts in a very cool way. The south of France, a chic yacht and our bachelor Samuel enjoying an enviable carefree life.  Life is good, until the day former lover Kristin (Clémence Poésy) arrives out of nowhere and deposits the fruits of their tryst – an infant daughter, Gloria – in his care.

Samuel, who is really brought to the screen in a masterly way by the wonderful Omar Sy (The Intouchables) is a character who through the film goes through a very beautiful psychological development as he faces the daunting task of raising a child he never knew he had.
French director Hugo Gelin imparts an irresistible sense of fun, balancing the humor and the dramatic side of the story perfectly.

This film is really lovely and well worth your time. 

French with English subtitles

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