Vegan Film Festival 2021 Opening Night

About the film

Rating: M
Runtime: 130 mins

Vegan Film Festival 2021 Opening Night with special Q&A

Opening night schedule

With the Cattle (G) - This poetic, observational documentary invites audiences to share a moment of peace with some beautiful creatures. Recorded and mixed for Ambisonic and Binaural audio presentation.

Utopia (PG) - The music video explores the concept of Utopia, or lack thereof, through the journey of the protagonist, who is made to look loosely like Ajuni, the singer-songwriter of the song.

Salad Daze (PG) - An adventure in diversity of sexual preferences. Via the dessert menu…

Voiceless: Crime of Silence (M) - Voiceless: Crime of Silence is the feature documentary that for the first time delves into the fervently heated world of the rapidly rising animal rights movement, told through the intimate stories of 3 Australian activists, who’s journeys within the movement we follow over the course of 2 years, painting rich portraits of their lives.

These films will be followed by a special Q&A.

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Fri May 28

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