About the film

Release Date: Oct 4, 2018
Rating: M
Runtime: 112 mins
Director: Ruben Fleischer
Actors: Michelle Williams, Scott Haze, Reid Scott, Riz Ahmed, Tom Hardy
We all have our demons. Journalist Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) has more than his share. While investigating a shady biotech company, Brock becomes exposed to an alien “symbiote” - and soon begins to experience unwanted changes. He starts to feel sick, hear a voice in his head, and gain powers he can’t control. Together, he and the symbiote become the anti-hero known as VENOM.
One of Spider-Man's greatest villains gets his own movie in VENOM. Aided by a two-sided performance from Tom Hardy, director Ruben Fleischer (ZOMBIELAND) creates a dark and action-packed thriller to launch a whole new Marvel universe.
Also starring Woody Harrelson, four-time Academy Award nominee Michelle Williams, and ROGUE ONE’s Riz Ahmed, this is a superhero movie unlike any other so far. Adding a touch of body horror to the superhero genre, VENOM wants you to be afraid - extremely afraid.

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