Wife, The

M 100 mins

About the film

Release Date: Aug 2, 2018
Director: Björn Runge
Actors: Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce
Secrets lie between the lines...
Glenn Close plays the wife of a Nobel-winning writer in Bjorn Runge's adaptation of the 2003 Meg Wolitzer novel.
Playing the devoted wife and supporter of a celebrated novelist and the keeper of his deepest, darkest secret, Glenn Close gives one of the richest, most riveting and complicated performances of her career.
Set in 1992, following the news that world-renowned novelist Joe (Joanthan Pryce), has won the much-coveted Nobel prize for literature, the couple and their son David (Max Irons), an aspiring author, head to Sweden amid just the right amount of pomp. Their relationship is well-sketched from the start: Joe the somewhat absent-minded man-of-letters and Joan the regally-composed wife who keeps the trains running on time. Like peas in a pod. Well, sort of.
In this riveting story this wife’s contribution turns out to be somewhat more integral to the work than simply providing a few cups of tea and words of praise here and there.
The film itself is a ticking time-bomb of simmering tension and totally unmissable.

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