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Director: Paul Dano
Actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan, Ed Oxenbould
Joe is 14 years old, a quiet and observant teen. His parents – mother Jeanette, fumbling with the expanding female world of 1960s America; and Jerry, struggling with what it means to be a man who can’t hold down a job or support his family – are drifting apart and when his dad leaves to fight a nearby wildfire, it’s the last straw. As Jeanette starts exploring her options outside of just being a wife and mother, Joe is forced into the awkward position of being both voyeur of and participant in his mother’s new life.
"A tender, gorgeous, and exquisitely understated drama about a family that loses its faith in itself … Paul Dano’s directorial debut is a thing of beauty." – IndieWire

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