YAH20 The Current War

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Rating: CTC
Runtime: 96 mins
Director: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Actors: Michael Shannon, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Holland, Nicholas Hoult, Katherine Waterston
Some of the brightest names in contemporary cinema light up the screen, including Oscar-nominees Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon, in this intriguing tale of money, science, ambition and weakness.

Set in the late 1800s, Edison has become a popular hero by inventing the light bulb. But Westinghouse has his own ideas and, with the forthcoming 1893 Chicago World Fair, the battleground is set for a history-making conflict.

Just as today’s news reveals vivid stories about exploits and egos of modern tech-giants, The Current War takes us to time where the science might be different but the personalities remain fascinatingly similar – an absorbing, fast-paced interrogation of two geniuses whose work continues to influence us to this day.

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