What is Palace Nova Star Card?

Palace Nova Star Card is the easy way for people who don’t like joining clubs to get access to discounted movie tickets while rewarding you for doing what you love – going to the movies! Star Card holders enjoy everyday benefits like discounted movie tickets, exclusive film event invitations while earning Lumière Dollars on cinema purchases.

What is Palace Nova Premium Movie Club?

If you want to take your cinema experience up another notch, our Premium Movie Club membership is for you. For a yearly fee, you’ll receive further discounts on your movie tickets, double your Lumière Dollars, get exclusive invites to advance screenings and special events and save 10% on every café bar purchase.

I have a Palace Movie Club Card will I earn Lumière Dollars ?

Absolutely! Your membership will automatically transfer to our Premium Movie Club and you will earn $1 for every $10 dollars spent.

How do I get discounted movie tickets?

Super important: You must be Palace Nova Star Card holder or a Premium Movie Club member at the time of your purchase to receive the discount.

How do I earn Lumière Dollars?

It’s easy. Every time you spend dollars, you earn dollars. Our Star Club card holders earn $1 for every $20 spent and if you’re a Premium Movie Club member you will earn $1 for every $10 spent. You can earn Lumière Dollars on movie tickets and café bar purchases.

How do I join?

It’s simple. Just register on our website or at one of our in-cinema kiosks.

I am already a Palace Movie Club member; do I have to sign up again?

No. Existing accounts have automatically been upgraded to Palace Nova Premium Movie Club. When you get a chance just go here and update your details.

How do I redeem Lumière Dollars?

You can redeem your Lumière Dollars on our website by logging in to your account for movie tickets and at the cafe bar for food and beverage purchases. It's all automated for you.

I have $4 of Lumière Dollars saved, what can I use it on?

Awesome! Let’s say you’ve purchased your movie ticket and you’d like to purchase one of our great handmade choc-tops that are $5.50. Let the Palace Nova team know that you would like to use your Lumière Dollars and you’ll just need to pay the $1.50 difference.

Can I use my Lumière Dollars as a split payment?

Yes, you need to have accumulated a minimum of $2.50 for students/sen/conc and $5 for adults to use on movie tickets. For cafe bar purchases you will need to have accumulated a minimum of $1.

I don’t want to be a Palace Nova member anymore. Can I bail?

Sure. You can opt out of Palace Nova Star Card HERE. If you miss us, you can always join again.

How do I check my account status and update, modify or withdraw my account information?

It’s easy. You can check your account status and update your info by visiting MY ACCOUNT.

What happens if a purchase or activity wasn’t credited?

We got you. If you have any questions about your Palace Nova Loyalty account, EMAIL US HERE

Let’s talk exclusions. Are there any purchases that don’t qualify for Palace Nova Star Card or Premium Movie Club?

Yes, the following can’t be used to rack up Lumière Dollars, benefits and rewards:
• Gift cards
• Other exclusions as specified by Palace Nova from time to time, but we can’t think of any now.

Can Palace Nova Star Card and Premium Movie Club benefits ever change?

Yes. We reserve the right to change the following without notice:
• Palace Nova Star Card and Premium Movie Club benefits
• The way you earn Lumière Dollars
• How we evaluate and reward your eligible purchases
• How we evaluate and reward Star Card & Premium Movie Club activity

So, about those info emails you send ...

If you don’t want them, just use the unsubscribe link at the very bottom of our emails. If you decide to skip our weekly film info messages, you will still get emails about transactions related to your Palace Nova Loyalty Account. Examples of these include, but are not limited to, a redemption confirmation email, a profile update email, or other communications that relate to your account. We’ll keep it low-key.

Not another card? I hate carrying around a card?

That's okay. Simply take a photo of your barcode and save it on your mobile.

I have a question that didn’t make this list.

Oops, sorry about that! Send us an email HERE.

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