Anniversary Tuesdays

A selection of films celebrating significant cinematic anniversary milestones.

12 Angry Men - 65th Anniversary G
Henry Fonda stars in the 1957 drama celebrates its 65th anniversary with this special session on the largest screen in Adelaide - the ExiMax!
The Bishop's Wife - 75th anniversary G
This classic celebrating its 75th anniversary starring Cary Grant will warm your heart!
Life of Pi - 10th Anniversary PG
Ang Lee's Academy Award Best Director winning classic celebrates its 10th anniversary!
Raising Arizona - 35th Anniversary M
The Coen Brothers classic comedy celebrates its 35th anniversary this year!
Starship Troopers - 25th Anniversary MA15
Paul Verhoeven's brilliant political satire celebrates its 25th anniversary and has only gotten better with age!
The Fisher King - 30th Anniversary CTC
Terry Gilliam's classic which gave Mercedes Ruehl her Best Supporting Actress Academy Award and which gave Robin Williams the Best Actor in a Motion Picture Golden Globe returns to the big screen.