Adelaide premiere screening of the Australian documentary MACHINE

M 86 mins

About the Event

Join us for the Adelaide premiere screening of the Australian documentary MACHINE. With a post-film Q&A discussion with special guests, director Justin Krook, artist/roboticist Pindar Van Arman and Audi AG  human-machineinterfaces expert Miklos Kiss to examine the practical applications and ethical questions raised by new developments in AI. Screening on Thursday 5th December 6.30pm at Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas.

Justin Krook - Director

Justin Krook cut his teeth as a director, editor and visual effects artist for music videos and film trailers, working with an eclectic portfolio Including Usher, Incubus, LMFAO, Black Mirror, and CHEF’S TABLE. Justin’s first feature, the NETFLIX Original, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead examines the life and career of DJ Steve Aoki. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, and was nominated for a Grammy.

Pindar Van Arman - Artist & Roboticist

Pindar Van Arman is an American artist and roboticist who designs painting robots that explore the differences between human and computational creativity. Since his first system in 2005 he has built multiple artificially creative robots, the most famous of which - CloudPainter - was awarded First Place in Robot Art 2018.

Miklos Kiss - Audi AG

Miklo?s has a background in neuropsychology, linguistics and human-machine interfaces. Since 2017, he has been in charge of advance development of the functions necessary for automated driving at Audi AG.

Hosted by 5AA's Leith Forrest this event is not to me missed. 

MACHINE is proudly supported by Audi Australia.

About the Film

Director: Justin Krook
Machine is a ground-breaking documentary covering a diverse range of social and ethical questions on the integration of A.I. into our current world, and the endless possibilities for our future.
This feature length documentary explores the life and death programming involved in AI warfare and driverless vehicles, to the creation of complex mental health apps, and eerily lifelike robotics designed for business and pleasure.
Debuting at MIFF this year and starring a host of international experts at the top of their fields, this documentary will challenge your thinking, leaving you with more questions than answers

Dates & Tickets

Eastend | Thursday 5 December | 6:30pm

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