German Film Festival 2021 special event (JUN 7)

E18+ 176 mins

About the Event

Join us to a special screening of Fabian: Going to the Dogs. Preceded by an introduction, the film will screen in two parts with intermission. Refreshing and stimulating cocktails by Club-Mate will be served in the break.

Based on Erich Kästner’s iconic novel, director Dominik Graf (Beloved Sisters) re-unites Never Look Away stars Tom Schilling and Saskia Rosendahl for this exhilarating epic set in Berlin in the tumultuous period between the 1929 market crash and the Nazi Party’s rise to power.
Raffish twenty-something Jakob Fabian works as an advertising copywriter for a cigarette company during the day. At night he drifts through cabaret bars, brothels and artist studios with his wealthy leftist friend Labude (rising star Albrecht Schuch, also in Berlin Alexanderplatz). When he meets Cornelia, a self-confident aspiring actress, he manages to shed his pessimistic attitude for a moment and falls in love. But then, he too falls victim to the great wave of layoffs, whilst Cornelia’s career blossoms thanks to her boss and admirer Makart, a Babelsberg Studio mogul. It’s an arrangement that Fabian finds difficult to come to terms with. But it's not just his world that is falling apart...
Capturing a blasé world of moral decline and disillusionment, this ‘Bildungsroman’ is a wildly enthralling dive into Weimar Germany on the edge of self-destruction.

“A stylistically daring attempt to capture the zeitgeist.” - The Hollywood Reporter

OFFICIAL SELECTION (Competition): Berlin International Film Festival 2021

Dates & Tickets

DATE: Monday June 7

TIME: 6:30 pm introduction by Dr. Stefan Hajduk M.A., The University of Adelaide. Followed by the film, with a 15-minute intermission.


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