Vegan Film Festival 2021 - Session 1 (MAY 29)

M 150 mins

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Vegan Film Festival 2021 Session 1

Session 1 schedule

Intros & Leonie Breathing & Stretches

Vegan On A Jet Plane (PG) - Nutritionist and world traveler Ally Teixeira searches for the best vegan foods this world has to offer. Her journey starts in Bali, Indonesia where she’ll take you on an island tour of a lifetime.

Unplastic Girl (PG) - Amanda Lindner, a vegan and environmentalist, lives in New York City, the kingdom of consumerism but also the birthplace of revolutionary ideas. She advocates the idea that having a "zero waste" lifestyle isn't as hard as it sounds. It's just a matter of access and will.

Freedom Farm Sanctuary (PG) - The relationships between ‘imperfect’ farm animals to special volunteers, some with their own ‘imperfections’.

Conversations with Kais (PG) - A conversation with Kais, the owner of Vspot; Adelaide's first vegan pizza bar. Kais talks about his journey to finding veganism through health issues and hardship.

Emilio (PG) - Who is Emilio? In a self-centered world, a girl spends her days looking for magazines to someone who might not even know she exists. In the frantic city of São Paulo it's still possible to find people that care about those who seem to be invisible to the eyes.

Immi The Vegan (PG) - Immi the Vegan dreams of finding a good vegan man and gaining the confidence to perform her songs in front of a live audience. But lately her dates have mistaken her for a vegetarian or tried to send her photos of their meat and two veg.

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