Vegan Film Festival 2021 - Session 2 (MAY 29)

M 150 mins

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Vegan Film Festival 2021 Session 2

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Intros & Louise AJP

Georgie (PG) - The inner-monologue of a recently rescued racing Greyhound, named Georgie.

Kimichi Road (PG) - Follow along with chef and restaurateur Judy Joo as she explores the origin, evolution and traditions of making kimchi that have been passed down for generations.

Impacts From A Far (PG) - This short documentary explores Danjugan Island in the Philippines before introducing you to the concept of impacts from afar, and how physical pollution and climate change will and has impacted the island.

Utopia (PG) - The music video explores the concept of Utopia, or lack thereof, through the journey of the protagonist, who is made to look loosely like Ajuni, the singer-songwriter of the song.

Legacy (PG) - Children in a cave listen as a woman, who might be their aunty, tells the story of how their ancestors destroyed the world.

On The Wild Side (PG) - On The Wild Side is a documentary about the movements against hunting and poaching all over the world, the ethics that push individuals to refuse this form of unnecessary violence, and a reflection on our society in the crucial times of climate changes and animal, earth and human exploitation.

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