MAVERICK - Private Screenings

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open to private screening from Tuesday 24 May - before general public release!


Private Screenings available, starting from ONLY $360. 

Bookings available from 1 person, all the way up to 290 people!

Private Screenings available from
Tuesday 24 May.  

Public sessions available from 6.00pm,
Wednesday 25 May.   

Bulk up your supplies 

for the DANGER ZONE!  

STANDARD COMBO: Small Popcorn, Soft Drink on arrival $9 per head.  

FEATURE COMBO: Small Popcorn, Choc Top on arrival $10 per head.

EPIC COMBO: Small Popcorn, Soft Drink, Choc Top on arrival, $13 per head.  

Adult Premium Combos:

Kahlua Espresso Martini and Packet of Maltesers, $20 per person

Glass of Bollinger and Packet of Fruchocs, $30 per person  

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TO MAKE A BOOKING, please email to 

Running Time: 131 minutes     Classification: Not Classified yet (but M expected)     WATCH TRAILER