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MA15+ The world's richest man refuses to pay kidnappers for his grandson's return in Ridley Scott's latest film.
M The King of Wakanda is put to the test to save his kingdom and the world.
M A transcendent tale of first love in the summer of 1983.
M Liam Neeson gives us his all in this gripping new drama.
PG Can Gary Oldman stop Nazi forces and a doubting king?
M Christopher Nolan's first history movie is bold, visceral, and powerful.
MA15+ Could the happy future for Mr. and Mrs. Grey be over before it begins?
PG Hugh Jackman in an original music celebrating the life of P.T. Barnum.
M Can Anne keep her dysfunctional family together?
M Saoirse Ronan is a 17 year old desperate to escape her youth in this awards-favourite.
PG An out of this world visual journey (English Dubbed)
PG Japanese Language Version with English Subtitles
M Thomas leads his final and most dangerous mission yet.
PG A fathers fight to maintain a relationship with his son will push the limits of his faith.
E Sir David McVicar’s ravishing new production.
M Jessica Chastain stars in Aaron Sorkin's film set in the world of high-stakes poker.
E Imelda Staunton is unforgettable in Sondheim’s showbiz stunner.
M Steven Spielberg directs Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks in this riveting true story.
MA15+ Guillermo del Toro weaves an extraordinary fairy tale of love, desire and fantasy creatures.
M An epic adventure that unlocks age-old mysteries of the Force and shocking revelations of the past.
M A colourful, nostalgic and irreverent satire of 1970s Aussie culture.
M Three Americans discover a terrorist plot aboard their train to Paris.
MA15+ In this darkly comic drama, a mother personally challenges the local authorities to solve her daughter's murder, when they fail to catch the culprit.
M Warwick Thornton's clever documentary investigates our relationship to the Southern Cross.
MA15+ This unbelievable true story of US ice-skater Tonya Harding is a darkly funny tale.
M Daniel Day-Lewis and director Paul Thomas Anderson explore glamour, fashion and romance in '50s post-war London.
MA15+ The acclaimed new film from director Warwick Thornton (Samson and Delilah).